Happy Crazy Fun exists as a place to celebrate the beautiful, enjoyable, and GOOD aspects of life – particularly in the realm of creativity and design.

So much in the world is sad. Maybe it’s my personality or a God-given tenderness in my heart, but I find that I can easily get bogged down by the sadnesses around me or by the sadnesses I have personally experienced and seen.

In contrast to this heaviness and sadness, my heart is also so in LOVE with beauty and creativity and just being silly and having fun!

So, Happy Crazy Fun is my way of saying: you know what? In spite of the yuck in life and in the world, I am going to celebrate beauty, joy, art, and color! I am going to celebrate the GOOD in life!

I hope you will join me on this happy, crazy, fun journey of looking for the good and beauty in every day we live. because every day is a privilege to live, and I don’t want to lose sight of the beauty and fun I can enjoy today!

Katie & Lela silly pic

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